FAQ and tech issues

I haven’t received the activation e-mail

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail within a few minutes of signing up, please check your Spam / Junk folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.

Is it free?

We are in beta version, at this stage using the service is free and unlimited, however we are going to introduce subscription plans next year.

Can I create a proposal without signing up?

You can try creating and editing proposals in a demo mode without signing up. If you want to save your proposals you need to SIGN UP.

What’s the difference between Private proposals and Public offers?

Private one-to-one proposals are designed to be sent to a particular client. Proposals are published on a unique encrypted web address so only those who receive the link can view the page. You’ll be notified when a recipient opens the proposal and you can track the amount of viewing and time spent on the document. Feedback buttons can be placed to prompt user feedback.

Public offers are designed for those who would like to publicly communicate an offer, share it on social networks and collect registrations and feedback with customizable feedback forms. You can then track the page views, let people discuss the offer, and implement Google analytics code if you need detailed stats.

Why can’t I edit my proposal?

When you publish your personal proposal and your recipient has viewed it, you can’t make any changes to that proposal. However, if the recipient hasn’t opened the proposal you can UNPUBLISH the proposal and edit it again. During which time the target address of this proposal will not be available.

Why haven’t I received any notifications?

Private proposals provide notifications about opening, closing, time spent on the document. It has been designed not to send notifications of your own activity on the document. So, if you open the published proposal while logged-in to your Proposalist account, you will not receive any notifications. If you want to test it, open the proposal in a different browser or log out from the browser you normally use.


How can I add a new block to my proposal?

There are two ways how to add a new block to your layout. You can add a new block by clicking on the ADD A NEW BLOCK button in the left-hand side panel. Then choose which block to add from the drop-down menu. A new block will be added at the end of the layout. Another option is to use the button in the panel that hovers over each block. You can select where to place the new block either below or above the current one.

How do I save my proposals?

Saving proposals is automatically done when you leave any content box while editing.

Can I add my own images into proposals?

Of course, you can. Click on the image area in the layout and the image gallery will open. There are two folders available - one is a gallery with your own images as well as a system gallery with illustrative images.

How to customize colors in my proposal?

You can customize the colour set for each proposal by changing colours in the side panel (on the left) while editing a proposal. Each proposal uses 5 colours. If you change the colour, it will apply for every element used in your proposal, therefore light tones should remain light and dark tones dark.

How to visually divide the blocks from each other?

We have designed 3 colour variations for each block. You can go through these options by clicking on a COLOUR SCHEME button in the bar that appears when you hover over the block. In this way you can choose the visual option you like the most and alternate the backgrounds of each block.

Which video services are supported?

You can embed videos to your proposals by placing the URL of the video from the following video services: YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, MySpace Videos, Break, LiveLeak, Veoh, Yahoo Screen and UStream.

Can I change the font?

Proposalist is intended to be a simple tool where you don’t need to create designs, we have already done it for you. Therefore there are no editing features you know from text or graphic editing editors such as font selection and its size.

What shall I do when I finish my proposal?

Publish the proposal by clicking on the PUBLISH button in the upper bar. An address of your proposal will be generated and you’ll be directed to the Published proposal page where you’ll find an overview of this proposal, including notifications for Private proposals and statistics and feedbacks for Public offers.